Mud Corner

Didn’t blog yesterday, as all I did was move my pinhole cameras from one location to another.


I did go into the Menin Gate for the 8-00pm remembrances. It was one of the nicest I have witnessed as there were only a few people and very few camera flashes going off.


At 11-00pm I placed my time-lapse camera in a field near Berlin Wood.


Today I went to Mesen and left 5 cameras there in and around the Bunkers on the battlefield. I also left a camera in a bunker on the Passchendaele battlefield.


I then drove to Ploegstreet Woods and visited the 4 Cemetery’s in it. One was called Mud Corner and it had 53 new Zealand graves in it. Image from it below.


It was a very peaceful Woods and I enjoyed the walk. There were a number of bunkers in it. Images from Wood below.


I came back and spent the rest of the day at Varlet Farm as it is very quite as I am the only one here tonight.


Going off at 11-00pm to pick up time-lapse camera from field.


And that will be it...