Got up had breakfast and headed to a meeting with Steven at Mesen. He showed me where my work could be exhibited and I am happy with space so we are know working on getting funding for exhibition costs.


Headed down to Ploegstreet where the Xmas truce and football match was supposed to have taken place. Image below of monument. Also took image of Bunker now used for chicken run.



Went to move the cameras left yesterday near Reutelbos and placed them in the Woods close by. Placed other cameras near Berlin Wood and along old railway track that looks over the battlefield. Placed then into the mud so hope to get interesting images. Also placed pinhole camera in bunker. Image of bunker below.


Went to dinner with a friend then on way back picked up time-lapse camera facing Berlin Wood. Results look fantastic so placed it back out near the Woods but face up just to document the sky over the battlefield.

That’s it for the day.