And so it begins again...


Took off at 10-00pm Thursday night and got into Dover at 01-45am so got the 02-00am ferry crossing and without sleep got to Dunkirk at 05-00Am. Headed straight to Ypres arriving around 06-00am. Parked up and slept for about an hour then drove over to and spent my time walking around Tyne Cot Cemetery until my meeting with the guys from the Zonnebeke Museum and Old Cheese Factory at 10-00am!


Great meeting, we are going to show my work at the old Cheese Factory in the later part of 2017 as this location is in the path of the advance of the New Zealand Soldiers on the 12-10-1917. I have agreed to be there on the 12-10-2017 to hold talks on my work and document the 24hour period of the 100th Anniversary of this event so entrenched in the hearts and minds of New Zealanders.


After meeting I headed off to my B&B which is, Varlet Farm a fantastic place where I have stayed before. Had a rest and then went over to Polygon Wood to check out the site I wanted to leave my pinholes the next day.


That was it for the first day…


Got up today had a good breakfast made my lunch and headed off for the day. I first went to Polygon Wood and set up a Time-lapse camera to record every 10 minutes for 24 hours. I then placed 5 Pinhole cameras looking up through the trees into the sky as I have a new idea as to what my final image presentation will be. These 4 images are off the Time-lapse Camera, Pinhole camera and what it is seeing and the area I placed them in. (I hope I can find them all!).




That was work done for the day so decided to start having a good look around the area. First stop was Hill 60 and to see a bunker I have seen a lot in photos. Next image is a close up of the bunker. It was a very interesting site. As a lot of my work is underground I have always wanted to see this site.



Next headed off to Sanctuary Wood but was put off by the whole touristy thing that seems to be there now. Just down the road and a much more interesting site for me was Hodge Crater so had a walk around there. My next image is a homage to Roger Fenton (if any of my students are reading this Google him and find the image I am talking about).



After a quick lunch headed off to see the German Cemetery at Langemark. Found this a sad place and not as well kept as the Commonwealth grave sites. I suppose it doesn’t help that the crosses are all black. There was a piece of interesting art work against one of the walls of the cemetery which I liked. Below is an image of it.



The rest of my time out was filled with visiting many bunkers with the Ziegler Bunker being the most interesting. Image of it below.

That’s it for today. Will change site of Pinhole cameras and Time-lapse camera tomorrow and visit more sites.

Time for sleep…