The results from yesterday were fantastic and they were very happy with them. The Director of the Caverne Anne has been really helpful and has shown me the location of two large underground sites that are not locked up and access is available all the time. They are both very big sites with interesting graffiti in them. I have attached images of their entrances along with an old photo of what one of them was like during the war. Anne has also agreed to help get me into at least another three sites that are not available to the public. One in particular sounds amazing and it has fantastic carved objects and inscriptions from Germans, French, American and Irish.

They were so helpful and this has been a major new development to my work.

In July I will mainly be working here.

At end of day headed for Arras to be ready for my meeting tomorrow with Alain the Archaeologist that discovered the Quarries in Arras.

Above ground today was wet.

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