Hi Spent most of the day around the Argonne Forest area. First visited the Butte de Vauquois. It was an interesting area and I found a lot of tunnel entries but locked doors as normal to these areas, wanted to stay above ground today anyway! What is really interesting about this area as it still has the remains of trenches everywhere unlike Arras the main area of my work.

I visited the main American cemetery where, there are so many crosses. Looked at Cote 304 and then walked for hours in the Cumieres-le-Mort-Homme forest which now is so peaceful but the reminders of the war are everywhere with many trench systems still visible. The old photographs on the information boards show how different is was during the conflict.

At the end of the day with time on my hands I went back into the area I visited the day before and had a look at Fort de Vaux and found a number of gun emplacements hidden in the forest.

I photographed all these places with my Hasselblad Xpan so will see the results on my return. However, attached are a couple of digital reference images. They are of examples of the many crosses placed around the area.

Today above ground was cold.

cross 1