Hi Not much to say about the first day, I got up at 2-00am and arrived in Verdun at 4-30pm French time. Just a lot of driving and waiting on the ferry!

Today I visited a number of sites all above ground as my work underground will be in Reims and Arras later on in the trip. As I had time I just wanted to visit other areas of importance to the war to get a better overall view of the event. It also allowed me to work in film with my Hasselblad Xpan to explore the landscape of the war above ground. Today I visited Fort de Douaumont which must have been hell on earth to be in during the war. I also visited three villages that were totally destroyed in the conflict and never rebuilt, they were Fleury, Douamont and Bezonvaux. There was a very strange silence at these sites. The National cimetiere was hugh with a massive building housing thousands of soldiers names and the Tranchee des Baionnettes. They were both very moving. The other two sites I visited were Camp Marguerre the site of the 'Long Max Cannon' which were fantastic to photograph.

So overall a big day and tomorrow I will be exploring the Argonne Forest where the Americans and French were.

I have attached three photos as digital reference images they are from Camp Marguerre and a Tranchee des Baionnettes.

Above ground today was cold.