Hi We headed out of Arras early and arrived in Zonnebeke around lunchtime.

I am starting my second major project with the exposing of pinhole cameras for 24 hours on the battlefields in Belgium. You can see my proposal for this project on my website under WW1 Landscapes along with the new blog title that I will be doing for the rest of this trip.

We meet up with our contact at Zonnebeke Museum Lee. I told him I wanted to place cameras in and on the field in front of Berlin Wood. We went by it earlier and found the name of the farm by the field was Beecham Farm so he went with us and got permission from the farmer for us to place cameras on his field.

I loaded 4 of the film backs with Ilford HP5plus and we headed back to the Farm and placed 4 cameras facing Berlin wood. We will pick them back up late tomorrow and place them in Berlin wood.

Two images are the cameras in their boxes placed for 24 hours the other is with a pinhole camera with Direct Positive paper in it which was exposed for 8 minutes.

Above ground today was very cold.