under church

Hi We have had a great day. We headed towards Albert and stopped off at Thiepval to pay our respects. We where the only ones there and I took the photo that is attached. It was very beautiful and peaceful there.

After lunch we headed to our new underground location that was a real surprise. I thought we would find one small tunnel. However, it was much larger and absolutely full of graffiti. After two hours we had only scratched the surface but, we have been able to negotiate through our interrupter François the chance to come back in July for at least another 4 days. We are going to help them map out the area and document where all the images are so that relatives can come and easily find the graffiti relating to their ancestor.

This is a big new project but I feel an important one. Each time we come we develop more contacts and exciting you underground locations.

Tomorrow we head towards Reims and visit an underground space at The Pommeries a Champagne making establishment. Should be interesting.

Today above ground was cold with snow.

Thiepval 1

Tunnel 3

Tunnel 2

Tunnel 1