Today started with a long drive to Riems.


When we arrived at The Pommery we went into a beautiful large building with a lovely interior. Over the last few days the entrance to our underground spaces have been a little more interesting including trying not to get to much clay on the tiles of the church we walked through.


We were taken on a private tour of the underground area where the champagne is aged. There is over 18km of tunnels so we only went into a very small area. We where given the normal tour but where told of the space on another level that was used during WW1. Riems was completely destroyed so the town’s people came to live underground in the space mentioned. It was like a small city that even included a Hospital. The tour guide did not have a key or the authority to take us there. However, they do store champagne there and workers do go into the space so it is accessable.


At the end of the tour we had a few sample tastes of champagne, which is a bit more up market than we normally get after a trip underground but we did not complain.


The next step is for me to write a proposal for us to work with them to document their WW1 space to be exhibited in time for the centenary. They have some beautiful spaces for this to be presented.


The images are from the Pommery. Lady Pommery liked the english and sold alot of champange to them hence the name of some of the spaces.


Today above ground was cold but sunny.

Pom 3

Pom 1

Pom 2

Pom 4