Hi This will be the last entry for this trip as we go back tomorrow.

Coming for 14 days has really allowed me to take my time and spend quite times underground. I have certainly taken less images each day of this trip then the last few visits but this has been a good thing as it has given me time to really enjoy the work.

It is hard to explain just how special this place is but it has really drawn me in and, it is much more to me then just a place to photograph.

As with every trip I would like to thank the museum staff for their support and, Garreth for his company in such a dark space.

Also very important to me is the special support from good friends and family with there comments and best wishes. And last but by no means least my wife for her support, faith and belief in me at all times.

So to end I leave with three main things. Some amazing images, a fantastic meeting with the head of the museum staff that gave me there full backing to create a series of international exhibitions of my work to promote the tunnels and a burning desire to help fund a way to get into Christchurch.

Sorry due to the weak WIFI respection tonight I cannot show any images.

My next visit is planned for February when I hope to document the British Tunnel system and Thompson’s Cave.

Above ground today was warm.