Hi Went back into Nelson and Blenheim today, all this time down there has made me feel very comfortable in the spaces. If you knew me you would know that the darkness is quite challenging to me but if you are passionate about something then sometimes you must face your fears to achieve your goals.

Today looked at documenting some of the Canadian text and objects I didn’t have. The rest of the time I looked at documenting the texture of the place by cropping into just certain walls with interesting forms and text.

The more time I am here, the more my desire to help find a way to get to Christchurch. I sure Allain knows where it is but like all things it will take quite a lot of money to get to it. I think that this is another funding project! With all the issues around Christchurch in New Zealand at the moment wouldn’t it be a positive thing to do.

Just something to think about.

My two images today show two different sides of the soldiers I think they speak for themselves.

Above ground today was dry.