Hi Woke up to find camp shrouded in mist. However, another very hot day above ground. We have been told to expect a storm tomorrow but I can’t see it!

Had a really enjoyable day underground again today. We stayed in Nelson and Blenheim and I spent some of the day shooting film on my Holga. Not the easiest thing to do in complete darkness but we will have to wait for the results.

The Archaeology in these two sites is a mix of WW1 and WW2. The light system is WW2. The civilians and Germans used it as an air raid shelter when the British bombed Arras in May 1944. I know this as the WW2 graffiti is dated in this period.

I am also pretty sure that any brickwork you see in the images is also WW2.

The two images today are of the landscape and an object that has been used and left to rust.