B & N

Hi Well today was a surprise.

After yesterday’s presentation of a sample of my work so far and a detailed map of Auckland created by Garreth we were granted full access to Nelson and Blenheim on our own. Our cause was also helped by the feed back of the staff member who went with us yesterday to these sites as he advised that we were more than capable of finding our way around and out again.

We spent three hours today just exploring the the sites making plans for a shoot tomorrow as we are going to go back to them on our last underground day and spend seven hours in them.

I sat there underground today just realising how fantastic an opportunity we had been given.

Today above ground was dry.

Once again thanks for everyone’s support and comments.

The two images attached relate to the NZ Tunnellers. The shied was created by Sapper R.D. Hamilton the other speaks for its self.



All images copyright of BRETT KILLINGTON.