Hi It is really starting to sink in how big this place is. We spent time in Blenheim today, which we got to by walking through a bit of Nelson. Both these spaces are massive and during the war were capable of housing around 1700 men between them. The height of both are much greater than Auckland the space we have spent most of our time in this trip.

There is so much graffiti on the walls but quite a lot in Blenheim is from WW2. We will need a lot more time to document these spaces so that will have to be another trip.

Tomorrow I will finish off a few shoots in Auckland on the digital camera, then spend the rest of the day experimenting with my Hasselblad & Holga.

The two images I have attached are from Blenheim.

Above ground today was cold but dry.

As always I am greatful for everyones support and comments


All images copyright of BRETT KILLINGTON.