Hi I will start this Blog with a big thank you to all that have left comments, as this is the reason I continue to send them.

Today I did not take a single image yet it was an amazing day. We could only have a short time in the new areas so we decided to just take a look at the places and see what we could shoot tomorrow, as we will have all afternoon in them.

The new spaces are unbelievable and the height of some of the stone archways are the same size as some Cathedral’s interiors I have been in.

We also found some interesting graffiti to document including a drawn image of a lady, craved faces, hearts, and text written in Maori.

I have attached two images from yesterdays shoot. They show two different sides of the men one their serious and the other their humours side.

Really looking forward to tomorrow.

Today above ground was wet.


All images copyright of BRETT KILLINGTON.