Hi Day four underground and my legs are killing me. Carrying equipment and crouching for hours is doing me in!! But am still having an amazing time.

With any luck tomorrow we will be exploring new spaces we have not been in before. They have told us that we will be the first to ever take photos in them so we are feeling very privileged and must show great respect to the site as there are still Archiologists working in them.

There are four images attached today. Two are action shots of Garreth and me working. Another is a close up of a woman that is a very beautiful image, and I often wonder who did it and if he got to see her again. Lets hope he did. The other is an image of part of the cave system showing very old brickwork.

As always thanks very much for your comments as they mean a lot to me.

Above ground today it was wet.


All images copyright of BRETT KILLINGTON.