Hi Another great day underground.

Working in such a difficult environment has its challenges and one of the most important things for me is to be good a problem solving. We have had both focusing and lighting issues but we have overcome both major issues and are now producing some wonderful images.

Garreth is tutoring me in photo shop in the evenings and I have learnt some great skills. I am sure by the time I leave I will know how to do contacts in Bridge!!

The images I have attached are really the reason I am down here. The first is bottles left behind by the men and the second is a physical statement left by one of the kiwis.

Above ground weather was warmer.

Two top tips from Garreth & Brett.

1. Prunes keep you regular.

2. Don’t put ice in good Whiskey.

Thanks for your comments and support so far.

Speak again tomorrow.


All images copyright of BRETT KILLINGTON.