I love photo shop!!

Hi Had a great day underground with the camera.

After a tutorial with Garreth last night I tried to take a series of images and then stitch them in photo shop. Yes I have embraced photo shop!! I have attached one of the results.(click on image to enlarge).

When it comes to the question on the temperature it would appear that during the winter it was not only safer underground from the bombardments it was also a lot warmer. Today above ground it was -6 degrees where it was 11 degrees underground.

Have so far shoot all in digital but tomorrow will put a few films through my Holga.

We spent some of the time today just sitting with the lights out.  Considering its history it felt very peaceful. You cannot understand just how dark it is until you experience it.

I have also attached a portrait of each of us to give you some scale of the place.

Thanks for the comments so far they are read and appreciated.

Bruce haven’t seen any homeless so far but my breadcrumbs went missing!!

Speak again tomorrow.


All images copyright of BRETT KILLINGTON.